The Nightmare Before Christmas


The scene is inspired by one of Tim Burton's best animated movies, The Nightmare Before Christmas. If you're not familiar with Tim Burton's work, he is one of those directors who has an easily identifiable visual style. Almost all of his films revel in gothic imagery. I've always been fascinated by gothic imagery in general and in his art in particular, so when I started working on this project, this scene came to me naturally.
for me this style is a lot like walking into an abandoned amusement park, or a haunted carnival, or a nightmarish circus, it's entertaining, and even endearing at times, but it's also extremely dark and deeply disturbing in an enjoyable manner.



I found "Jack Skellington", the graves, and the pumpkin models and textures online thanks to Turbosquid  and Sketchfab- please check the references underneath.
I modeled and textured the house using Maya, and added the rest of the objects to create the scene.


Materials and lighting
I used lambertian material in addition to glass material. as for lights i used a directional light, area light and spot light. 


I created copies of the graves. in the first version the instances where generated in random positions inside the graveyard range but i liked them better in a specific position and that's what i did


Done by

Hala AlShobake

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